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Tummy exercises

5 Tummy exercises

Are you tired of your tummy fat ?It looks awkward when you wear T-shirt and your lower belly or tummy take shape, isn’t it?or may be you are to young to carry a bulge or big fat stomach, and this irritate you the most.
Flat stomach is dream of many guys and girls.Specially girls want to be in shape and have a flat stomach . But they actually fail to have a flat stomach because of many reasons- diet , junk food , unorganized schedules of meals, no physical work , beverages etc..A flat stomach require a lot of things to care. Diet is one of the most important part to make stomach flat but here we will discuss some exercises that will help you reduce belly fat and make your stomach flat.

1 Swimming ;

Swimming is also very effective in reducing fat at very fast rate. When you swim your legs work a lot as well as your lower parts, around your stomach and waist.

2 Thighs exercises :

You can go to gym and do thighs exercises as thighs exercises helps in reducing belly fat as it directly work on your stomach with thighs.

3 Jogging :
Jogging I think is easy thing to do but many fails to do this also and some people find it boring.But actually it doesn’t  take any extra effort to do jogging for at least 15 to 20 minutes.You can play your songs in your music player and go for jogging or you can have someone to accompany you.

3 Resistance Exercise ;

• So what really are the best tummy exercises for women? Again it's down to you but here are my suggestions:

1. Basic Crunches 

2. Reverse Curls 
3. Oblique Crunch 
4. The Plank 
5. Oblique Plank

4 Cycling : 
Cycling is one of the great exercise that one can do reduce tummy and get a flat stomach.Not only cycling helps in reducing fat at stomach but also it also reduce overall fat of your body. Cycling is very easy to do you don’t have to do any extra effort to do cycling for 20 minutes a day. In fact it is fun to do and also works for you to make your stomach flat.

5 Hip raises ;

 - This is another tummy trimming exercise targeting the lower abdominal muscles. You lie on the floor or a mat and place both hands on the floor close to your body. Raise both legs up into the air straight and hold. Now, push your legs straight upward from your buttocks using your abs to do the lifting. You don't need to do large movements as even small ones will do. Make sure to not let your legs go down at the end of each movement but keep them as straight as possible.

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